Wish List Items

Donate items that reflect the unique services we provide to children on their path to healing.

We like to provide child-friendly snacks and refreshments to help children feel more comfortable.

Sometimes children must be placed in foster care for their protection. These children will often go to their new homes with only the clothes on their backs. When this happens, we provide a backpack of basic supplies.

Why new items?

Many of the children we see have never had new clothing, or new shoes. When we are able to give those items to a child, it helps their self-esteem. 

They already feel different, and having a pair of new shoes, and/or clothing, can help them fit in, and not feel like they stick out.

Your generosity ensures that our services support children in the best way possible.
Thank you for your support.

  • New clothing – all sizes, up to adult

  • School Uniform clothing – khaki pants and white or navy blue collared shirts, all sizes

  • Diapers (sizes4,5 and 6)

  • Baby wipes & Powder

  • Deodorant, Lotion and Sunscreen

  • New shoes (for ages 1 to 18)

  • Blankets for children and teenagers

  • Snacks (chips, jerky, trail mix, etc.)

  • Writing journals / Diaries

  • Coloring books and sketch pads

  • Items for Teenagers (brain teaser gadgets, bracelets, etc.)

  • School Supplies

  • Plastic clothing hangers (all sizes)

  • Grocery store gift cards

  • Bus passes for transporting clients to counseling

For more information about specific items please contact us at 520.724.6600 or via email at 

Organize a Wish List Drive

Won’t you please consider organizing a collection of items from our Wish List?
This can be a great team building activity at work; fun activity for your club; a great excuse for a party or gathering of friends!

Call us for advice on how to get started.