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Forensic Interviews

Helping Children Heal

A forensic interview is a single session, recorded interview designed to elicit a child’s unique information when there are concerns of possible abuse or when the child has witnessed violence.

Our forensic interviews are conducted in a supportive and non-leading manner by a professional trained in the  Forensic Interview model.

The purposes of a forensic interview are:

  1. To obtain information from a child that may be helpful in a criminal investigation;
  2. To assess the safety of the child’s living arrangements;
  3. To obtain information that will either corroborate or refute allegations or suspicions of abuse and neglect;
  4. To assess the need for medical treatment and psychological care.

Forensic interviews at the Children’s Advocacy Center are conducted by our forensic interview specialists who have received advanced training on the forensic interviewing of child victims/witnesses. The forensic interviewers routinely participate in peer review to continually develop their skills and attend ongoing professional training.

Forensic interviews at the Children’s Advocacy Center are recorded and provided to law enforcement. The interviews are also observed by members of the Multi Disciplinary team that includes law enforcement, child welfare staff and the County Attorney’s Office.