Helping Restore Hope and Healing


Helping Children Heal

Family Advocates provide support to child victims and their non-offending family members in English or Spanish. They offer assistance and service referrals so families can heal from the trauma of the abuse and regain control of their lives.

At the Children’s Advocacy Center, we know that how well a child will do after they disclose abuse has a lot to do with the non-offending family members and caregivers. When families and children do not have access to support and services, children and caregivers can often suffer long-term emotional consequences.

Through a partnership with families, Family Advocates provide customized support during the investigation process and the transition into additional support services. The goal of the partnership is for caregivers to have a permanent community support and resource through the Center.

At the Children’s Advocacy Center, we believe that family members deserve to…

  • Have someone to talk to and have their concerns and fears be heard.
  • Know what will be happening next and when.
  • Be treated with respect
  • Have access to quality community support information and resources.

The Children’s Advocacy Center works in collaboration with Las Familias, and has a crisis counselor on-site for immediate support. This licensed counselor is available to work with families to assess the current crisis state, and help ensure stability. This is an important part of the on-site immediate crisis assessment, crisis intervention, crisis counseling and referral to long-term therapy provided by the Center.