Family Teamwork Builds Trust and Opens Lines of Communication


Strengthen Families

STEP is designed to build positive relationships between family members.

Two tracks are available – one is designed for biological families and another specifically for foster, kinship placement and adoptive parents.

  • It provides a safe space to discuss topics that may be too difficult to talk about at home.

  • These conversations are about peer pressure, stress, and the importance of working together as a team.

  • When caregivers and children work together, it creates a stronger family!

The Children’s Advocacy Center understands that family, does not always mean a biological parent and child. STEP is a program that will benefit the whole family.

How will my family benefit from STEP?

  • STEP builds on family strengths and promotes better outcomes
  • Decreased family conflict and stress
  • Decreased child depression and aggression
  • Decreased substance use among parents and children
  • Improvements in family environment and parenting skills
  • Increased pro-social behaviors in children
  • Improved parenting skills and family relationships
  • Reduced problem behaviors among children
  • Lowered delinquent behaviors and alcohol and drug abuse in children
  • Improvements in school performance
  • Improvements in social competencies among children
  • Increased family strengths and resilience
  • Reduced risk factors for problem behaviors in high risk children, including behavioral problems, emotional, academic and social problems
  • Builds on protective factors by improving family relationships, parenting skills, and improving the youth’s social and life skill
  • Increased bonding
  • Increased parent/child communication
  • Decreased family conflict

STEP Sessions details

Families enrolled in STEP will meet virtually each week. Each session consists of different topics such as communication, stress management, substance abuse prevention and how to talk to your child about difficult topics (identifying potential child abusers, child abuse, healthy and concerning sexualized behavior), each session building on the next.

What topics will be covered?

Each topic will be presented using games and exercises to help guide conversations, along with video clips.

  • Healthy Brain Connection
  • Notice and Compliment the Good Daily
  • Great Communication Skills and Fun Family Meetings
  • Rules, Rewards, Responsibility, Routines, and Happy Family Rituals
  • Limits and Consequences
  • Problem Solving and Win-Win Negotiation
  • Stress and Anger Management Skills
  • Using Goals and Contracts to Change Behavior
  • Alcohol and Drugs Damages the Teen Brain
  • Choosing Good Friends and Monitoring Kid’s Activities
  • Values, Traditions, and Service
  • Child Abuse Prevention – talking to your children about child abuse

Will there be child care available? Yes!*
*When classes are offered in person again.

Ideally (post-covid), we plan on providing free child care for children up to 7 years. Our child care will offer a wide range of engaging crafts, fun activities, and age-appropriate toys for children 1-7 years old in a secure, clean, and fun place to play. Each child care provider is hand-selected, and will have passed a background check. We care about children and we are dedicated to providing a safe environment where they can enjoy themselves, while you spend time with your older children.


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