Friday, April 19th, 2024
Begins at 5:30pm

Tucson El Conquistador Resort

Award Winners

Dan Gregory Memorial Award

Carol Punske

Compassion Award

Anna Loebe

Healing Award

Pima County
Courthouse Dog

Safety Award

Dr. Rachel Crampton

Dr. Chan Lowe

Accountability Award

Scott Anders

The Heroes without Capes Awards event honors the people in our community who help protect children from abuse. The Children’s Advocacy Center has worked for over 25 years to ensure abuse ends and healing begins, but we know it takes all of us to make that vision a reality. Awardees show us what it means to take responsibility for safety, healing, and compassion for children while ensuring accountability for abusers. The evening will be entertaining and elegant, truly celebrating the heroic, everyday efforts that make our community safer for children.

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